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Five New Baby Gifts I Wish I’d Received

Posted by This is a guest post written by Kell Kelly. on

Becoming a parent is exciting, overwhelming and such a beautiful milestone to celebrate.

Everyone wants to set their eyes on your new bundle of joy, give your new baby gifts and shower them with love, but what are you going to do with a dozen teddies? Yes they are cute, fluffy and the gesture is heartfelt but here are five new baby gifts I wish I’d received when I became a mum.

New baby gifts that are practical

Whether it is your first child or your fourth, you are still learning, as time goes on you realise how important some items are and how little you will actually others. Babies don’t need much but these gift ideas for newborns will make those first weeks and months easier for parents.

  • Baby book – While this is not very exciting, it will be treasured for a lifetime. Ensure it has a place for photos, storing memories such as clipping of their first haircut and of course designated places for you to document their milestones. This gift is affordable, easy and will be appreciated.
  • Brush and comb set – Soon-to-be parents often overlook the soft bristled baby brush when purchasing their baby goods. This gift is not only practical, the silver brush and comb sets look gorgeous and are affordable. A baby brush set like this is perfect!
  • Wet wipes – For parents, baby wipes are a staple item. They will be using them for years to come so a stock up of supplies will be greatly appreciated. The same goes for baby bath products and nappies. A simple gift that will be put to good use!
  • Towels – If you have the desire to give something soft and fluffy but know that the new baby already has teddies, a soft towel is a great present. A baby or toddler towel will be used for a long time so if you want to make it a bit more personal, get the baby’s name embroidered into it.
  • Voucher – Everyone always forgets about mum. She has just endured a long nine months of pregnancy and given birth, that deserves a little something. A mum’s body will change after she has a baby - her shape will change, her breasts will grow, her hormones will be up and down; basically a lot is going on. A voucher for some new clothing (breastfeeding friendly or simply just to freshen up her wardrobe), a facial or anything along those lines will be cherished!
  • And as a bonus gift for mum and dad, be there as a friend if they ever need anything. Invite them to have coffee, help them pack upthe nappy bag and get out of the house!

Buying gifts for new babies doesn’t have to be hard, think practicality and long term. These kinds of new baby gifts are appreciated and remembered for years to come!

What were your favourite new baby gifts you received?

Kell can be found over at All Mum Said delivering an honest account of life as a time-poor mum, hilarious parenting fails and everything else that motherhood entails. The mama bear in her looks after her readers by ensuring there is fresh and exciting content and a great range of reviews and giveaways for her fans.

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